1989 Generation Initiative becomes 89 Initiative

89 Initiative

Relaunch! Building the greatest think tank in the world

The 1989 Generation Initiative is now officially 89 Initiative. Previously a platform for dialogue between young people, this week 89 Initiative becomes the first pan-European ‘think-do’ tank.  

Our ambition is simple – build a think tank that will play a leading role not only in rethinking the future but physically shaping it. We will thus go beyond the remits of any other think tank. Through cutting edge research, we will get a grip on Europe’s biggest generational challenges and nudge policy makers and society forward. Our new understanding will inform Europe-changing projects in the spirit of 1989. 89 Connect is the first of these.

Our rebranding sees the number ‘89’ become the symbol of the organisation, replacing the old torch. 89 has special resonance – it is the most important number in our post-war history. It is a symbol of unification, of tearing down walls and barriers – ultimately, of bringing people together. 89ers are thus not merely those born in and around the year 1989, but all those who believe in and strive for a world cast in the image of that year. Even for those who don’t know the history, it has a powerful message.

Today, we embark on our mission to shape the world in the spirit of 89.


Michael Cottakis
Founder and Director, 89 Initiative

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