Brussels, Bruges


Our chapter at the centre of Europe is both engaging in policy making, as well as advocacy to bring our ideas to law makers and EU officials, and has now also expanded to the College of Europe in Bruges. The Belgian branch was our first set up outside the LSE. It has several different functions, producing policy proposals, organising events, and acting as our key point of engagement with EU stakeholders.


In time, Brussels will act as a second headquarters for the Initiative. It will adopt an advocacy and outreach-intensive approach and look to translate the policy recommendations generated across the Initiative’s other regional branches into the EU decision-making process. While the focus of the Brussels chapter is unavoidably pan-European, we do not neglect the interface between Belgium and the EU. As such, the chapter seeks to organise events that engage the Belgian youth (Walloon and Flemish) in EU affairs, which they are invited to address from a regional and local perspective.




Belgium Chapter

Francesco De Marzo

Head of Belgium Chapter

Belgium Chapter

Lavinia Busdon

Communication Officer

Belgium Chapter

Paolo Recaldini

Events Officer

Belgium Chapter

Kristjan Guri

Reserach and Communication Officer

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