Brussels, Bruges


Our chapter at the centre of Europe is developing very fast and is progressing towards becoming a young transnational think tank. The Belgium Chapter runs four research programmes under the supervision of professor Richard Youngs for Climate, Alina Wernick for Innovation, professor Daniele Ietri for Regions and Dr. Manmit Bhambra for Migration. These research programmes are implemented via our partnership with the European Political and Governance Studies Department of the College of Europe in Bruges.


This is a testament to the quality of the work done in the past years by the 89 Initiative and the first Bruges Chapter at the College of Europe, led by the Head of Events Elena Turci, that tried to organise a spitzenkandidaten debate in 2019 and then to export the “London model” from the LSE to the College of Europe in Bruges. 89 Belgium though has also its own internal capacity and publishes op-eds and policy analysis on the most pressing issues on the agenda in Brussels, thanks to its core team of young professionals working in the EU surrounding environment.




Belgium Chapter

Francesco De Marzo

Head of Belgium Chapter

Belgium Chapter

Lavinia Busdon

Communication Officer

Belgium Chapter

Paolo Recaldini

Events Officer

Belgium Chapter

Kristjan Guri

Reserach and Communication Officer

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