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Research on education usually hones in on public expenditure or a more macro-level approach to educational structures. Hypotheses assign relationships to educational system structure and professional attainment in various sectors. What is less clear is the relationship between educational structure and questions of citizenship, voter behaviour, or attitudes towards democracy or the EU. In adopting the latter approach, the 89 Initiative aims to fill a considerable gap in the policy debate. The field of civic or citizenship education, and particularly where it interfaces with political participation and voter behaviour, is also relatively under-researched in the political science literature. This is despite educational factors often being cited as important to understanding the appeal of populism, anti-establishment sentiments, or attitudes towards the EU. This programme thus explores different aspects of civic education in the EU and attempts to understand the weaknesses of existing programmes, and other aspects of our education systems. It considers ways that civic education can be used more positively to re-connect citizens with the political process.

Dr. Marina Cino Pagliarello

Research Director

Dr. Marina Cino Pagliarello is an ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellow in the European Institute at LSE where she also earned her Ph.D with a thesis on “Constructing the Europe of Knowledge? The role of ideas in the transformations of European education policy (1975-2010)”. Her research interests include European political economy, the role of ideas in public policy, Europeanisation, and the politics of education. She is specifically interested in understanding the role of political and economic actors in shaping public policies and the mechanisms through which ideas play a role in the emergence of new problem definitions and in restructuring actors’ interests.

Marina is a graduate in History from the University of Pisa (1999) and she holds a Master in Economics of Arts and Culture from SDA Bocconi School of Management (2000) and a Master Research in European Studies from the European Institute, LSE (2012). She is an experienced policy researcher, with a track record in delivery of international and comparative public policy projects and in expanding strategic relationships with academic institutions, policy-makers and consultancies. Prior to joining LSE, Marina has worked for the National Research Institute of the Italian Ministry of Labour as policy expert for comparative analysis of European education policies and as civil servant for the Italian Ministry of Education.



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