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Rethinking education is key to meeting the challenges of the modern world. Problem-solving, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship are all skills young citizens need if they are to succeed in today’s economy. Meanwhile, civic education is key to fostering socially responsible and public-spirited citizens. The 89 Initiative Civic Education programmes seek to understand the challenges facing educators across Europe, and to promote a socially-responsible and democratically literate society.


This programme is committed to the ongoing analysis of civic education offerings across Europe, and to exploring the relationship between weaker civic education programmes and populism. It seeks to understand what makes a good civic education school offering and offers recommendations to governments.


Marina Cino Pagliarello holds a PhD in European Political Economy in the LSE European Institute, where she currently works as Fellow in European Politics and Public Policy.

Dr. Marina Cino Pagliarello




Dr. Marina Cino Pagliarello

Research Director (HQ)

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