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Climate change urgency has become a fact. Its effects are mirrored in the intensification of natural disasters, ubiquitous air pollution and piles of toxic waste, to name a few. Mass demonstrations ignited by climate groups like Extinction Rebellion or Fridays for Future do not strike anymore. Nevertheless, as long as we treat natural resources as an infinite commodity, we are far from making any real change.


Research depicts climate change as a hurdle and thus concentrates on offsetting the negative effects of carbon-intensive industries rather than promoting carbon-neutral solutions. Unclear, distant and meaningless numbers are the foundation of the mass communication about climate urgency. 89 Initiative takes a different approach by focusing on popular understanding and promoting the perception of climate change as an opportunity. Our research considers how to effectively present nature protection as a driver for economic development. It explores ways to create a more personal relationship with climate urgency to make its consequences more tangible for the general public. The desired outcome is to increase mass environmental awareness and to provide policy recommendations on how to sustainably engage with nature to promote social and economic progress.

Dr. Richard Youngs



Konstantin Klammert

Policy Officer

Bob Roth

Policy Officer

Alberto Smith

Policy Officer


Europe 2025

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