Podcast – COVID-19 and Brexit: Building a UK Fit for the Future

Though it has been 5 years since the infamous Brexit vote, the UK did not leave the EU until January 2021. Proponents claimed that Brexit would reshape the British economy and foreign policy, creating a Global Britain with stronger international ties. However noble these goals were, withdrawal from the EU comes with significant impacts on researchers, policymakers, businesses, and society at large. Additionally, a twin challenge hit the UK and Europe when COVID-19 entered the scene. During the public and private scramble to find solutions to these unprecedented circumstances, many people in Great Britain, Europe, and abroad were left wondering about the present and future of EU-UK relations, as well as the macroeconomic projections for the both regions after the COVID-19 recovery phase.

In the first panel of their 2021 conference, 89 London convened experts to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit on the future of the UK. Tune into the recording of the event to hear presentations from Mujtaba Rahman (Eurasia Group) and Panicos Demetriades (University of Leicester). The panel was moderated by Iris Mosweu, Research Director for the 89 London Health Program.

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