London, 22 March – Europe 20 Years Hence: What Should She Look Like?

Europe 20 Years Hence

Europe Next Term: Proposals for the next Parliament

With the upcoming European Parliament elections, this conference is your chance to bring forward your ideas for the future of Europe!

Surrounded by top experts in the field, you will learn about the challenges and possibilities facing us in these turbulent times. Students from the LSE European Institute will participate in 4 roundtables: New Political Formations; Brining Innovation to Europe; Helping the EU Do Better on Asylum Policy; and European Values and their Interaction with a Changing World. With the help of experts in the field, they will come up with potential policy proposals for the next Parliament. As always, the 89 Initiative aims to include young voices in shaping the future of Europe.

Following the roundtables, we are hosting a public event, a keynote speech by Dr. Richard Youngs, author of Europe Reset, ‘Europe 20 years hence: what should she look like?’.

This is your chance to participate in a stimulating discussion on Europe!

When: Friday, 22nd March 6pm

Where: CLM 5.02, Clement House, LSE

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