From Edinburgh to Brussels: The Future of the Scottish-EU Relationship

Do you want to be
part of shaping Scotland’s relationship to the EU?

If there is one thing we have learnt from Brexit, it is that young people’s voices have not been heard. This conference is your chance to bring forward your ideas for the future of Scotland! Surrounded by top experts in the field, you will learn about the challenges facing Scotland in these turbulent times, but also about the possibilities to reshape its relationship to Europe, and the EU.

Following a keynote speech by Professor Michael Keating form the University of Aberdeen we will have a panel debate with leading experts in the fields of European, British and Scottish politics. This will allow you to learn about different standpoints and develop an opinion on the subject based on thorough knowledge and critical analysis. Against this background you will bring in your own perspectives on the matter and work together with participants and experts to create a common policy project during roundtable discussions. Once your group has agreed on how you would like future Scottish-EU relations to be, you will attempt to come up with concrete policy ideas. You may formulate suggestions on what policy-makers and institutions should do. What kind of action do you expect from them? The 89 members chairing the roundtables will take notes of your ideas. These will be used to draft a policy proposal, which will then be presented at a relevant institution, be it the Scottish Government / Parliament, the UK Parliament, the Council of Europe or any other institution, depending on the character of the proposal.

This is
your chance to
participate in the drafting of policy proposals that will be brought to public
institutions in order to give young people’s ideas the relevance they deserve!

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Where: New Kings, Old Aberdeen

Register online here

You can download the programme here.

Free lunch and coffee/tea is provided.


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