Research Programme


Immigration Programme.

Dr. Natascha Zaun

Research Director

Dr. Natascha Zaun is an Assistant Professor in Migration Studies at the LSE’s European Institute. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Bremen. Before coming to the LSE, Natascha was a Junior Research Fellow in global refugee policies at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Prior to that she was a researcher and lecturer in the area of International Relations at the University of Mainz and a researcher at the Collaborative Research Centre 597 ‘Transformations of the State’ at the University of Bremen, working in a project on ‘Border Regime Change and the Mobility of Persons’ (headed by Prof. Steffen Mau). Natascha’s key areas of expertise cover European and global refugee, immigration and border policies and politics. In her PhD thesis she analysed EU decision-making on common asylum policies, finding that these policies only reflected the positions of Member States with a long-standing regulatory tradition in the field.



Immigration Programme

Nicoletta Enria

Policy Officer

Immigration Programme

Nicolas Millet

Policy Officer


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