London, 15/16 February 2018 : Reconnecting the EU and its Citizens

An EU-wide counter vision is more necessary than ever in the long battle against nationalist populism. As the future generation of European leaders, we as 89ers hold a special responsibility to create, own and implement a fresh vision for the EU and restore trust.
Be part of the discussion and join our launch conference, “A NEW CONTRACT: Reconnecting the EU and its Citizens”.

When: 15 – 16 February 2018

Where: London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

Who: 89ers join forces with policy experts, practicioners and leading researchers to discuss the future of our Europe.

What: 4 Roundtables around the topics of European seperatist movements, a better Eurozone, closer social integration and strenghtening the EU’s global action.


Applications are open till 15 January, 2018.

Download the conference booklet and stay tuned for more information on speakers and topics.

Our motivation: The immediate threat of populism having been fended off for now, it is time to look beyond tackling populism in the short and medium-term, as our previous policy cycle sought to address, and start building a more lasting structure for the EU to bridge back to its citizens.
A new vision must reflect features of international cooperation that today inspire and are of most value to Europeans. It must centre on extending the benefits of greater connectivity – digital, technological, travel-related – to more Europeans. It must build on the theme of greater opportunity – where the EU makes more people more prosperous, keeping the best, while protecting citizens from the worst aspects of globalisation. It must also highlight the principle of solidarity – an EU demonstrating a social and humanitarian dimension, across member states and civil societies.

It is our future, up for us to shape. We all are the 89ers: young Europeans born around 1989, citizens who have grown up with all the benefits of EU membership, knowing only peace.

PR Team

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