Central Chapter


Our London headquarters is based at the London School of Economics European Institute. The office coordinates all policy-related programmes of the Initiative that are pan-European in scope. It is the seat of the Core Committee and the Initiative’s core staff.


It is the hub of the research programmes, Talking Europe, and Generation Brexit and will work closely with the chapter in Brussels which will act as a conduit between the research and policy formulation process and the key EU decision-makers whose work we attempt to shape.




Magdalena Anna Surowiec

Head of London Chapter

Alexandros Zachariades

Events Officer

Kenalyn Ang

Events Officer

Jan Jakob Krüger

Events Officer


Monica Dave

Events Officer

Zhuxiao Shao

Media & Communications Officer

Maria Pia Romero

Events Officer

Akhila Singha

Deputy Events Coordinator

Rachel Lasko

Events Officer

Wenyajing Zhang

Media & Communications Officer

Ioana Roibu

Events Officer

Wilson King

Events Officer

Alice Lin

Events Officer

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