Central Chapter


89 London seeks to imbue UK politics with a spirit of European and international cooperation. It adopts a future focus, harnessing the dynamism of a new generation of UK thinkers and policy makers to infuse Westminster with fresh political thinking about the generational challenges the UK is facing. The chapter runs programmes in the Innovation, Health, and Democracy clusters.

It acts as the London hub for the 89 Initiative and contributes to a pan-European conversation on the generational challenges that the UK and others face across the continent.




Michael Cottakis

Acting Director of London Chapter

Dr. Norin Arshed

Research Director, Innovation

Marta Anzillotti Zamorano-modified

Marta Anzillotti

Research Officer, Innovation

Deborah Apau-modified

Deborah Apau

Research Officer, Democracy

Francesca Sardi

Head of Research

Dr. Roch Dunin Wąsowicz

Research Director, Democracy

Victoria Chukwudum-modified

Victoria Chukwudum

Research Officer, Innovation

Anna Maria Lokhorst

Research Officer, Democracy

Cerenne Naqsh

Cerenne Naqsh

Head of Events

Massimo Spinelli-modified

Massimo Spinelli

Research Officer, Innovation

Nikita Pravilshchikov-modified

Nikita Pravilshchikov

Research Officer, Democracy