The Maastricht Student Debate 2019

On May 22nd, the European Parliamentary (EP) election is taking place in the Netherlands. As the EU is currently at crossroads between more or less integration, the election’s outcome will doubtlessly shape our future. What happens with Brexit, Climate Change, Refugees, Digitalisation and the Economy? Most attention around the election has been focused on established political parties and their older candidates. Why not instead give a voice to our generation, people who will be actually impacted the most? Thus, 89 Netherlands invites you in cooperation with FASoS to join the Student Maastricht Debate 2019 and engage in a debate about our future.

The event kicks off with a general introduction into the EP elections by Michael Cottakis, the head of the 89 Initiative, who is coming from London. Afterwards, the debate begins! Four young panellists of Maastricht’s political parties debate why their party is the best choice to vote for at the next day. Most importantly, during the entire discussion, you have the chance not only to ask questions but to state your opinion and participate actively. The debate itself is structured around the three subtopics: Democracy in Europe; Europe in Crisis & The Future of Europe. If you have already some questions in your mind, and they must not relate to one of the subtopics, please send them to netherlands@1989generationinitiative.org

Our idea of this short evening is to make your voice heard and letting yourself cast a vote in confidence of having made the right decision. Looking forward to see you!


Cyriel van Glabbeeck – Young Democrats Limburg
Jimmy Bastings – Christian Democrats Limburg
Johanna Hvalic – Volt Maastricht
Omar El Attal – Young Socialists Limburg

Moderated by:
Afke Groen (PhD candidate FASoS) & Philipp Hobelsberger (89ers Maastricht)


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