Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 on SMEs in the UK: Examples of Promising Practices

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – London Innovation Programme Booklet

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Service Use in the NHS

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – London Health Programme Booklet

Visions of Cooperation: UK Civil Society's Response to Brexit

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – London Democracy Programme Booklet

Housing Newcomers in COVID-19 Europe: Perspectives from France, Germany, Greece, and Italy

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – HQ Migration Programme Booklet

Populism, Democracy, and the Role of Civic Education: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Policy Practice

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – HQ Civic Education Programme Booklet

Climate Emergency Declarations in the EU: An Analysis of EU, National and Local Level Governance

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – HQ Climate Programme Booklet

Populist Euroscepticism in Times of Economic Crisis: A Comparative Study of Greece and Portugal

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – Greece Democracy Programme Booklet

Innovating a Predictive Society? The Benefits and Risks of Predictive AI Systems for Europe

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – Belgium Innovation Programme Booklet

A Europe that Matters! Representing Local Actors in the European Union: Perceptions of EU Policy Objectives and Regional Influence

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – Belgium Regions Programme Booklet

Towards a New Form of EU Leadership in International Climate Policy

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – Belgium Climate Programme Booklet

Challenges and Realities of Integration in Flanders: Lessons and Policy Recommendations

Policy Cycle 2020/21 – Belgium Migration Programme Booklet

Reforming the Reform? The future of the Common European Asylum System

Policy Cycle 2019/20 – Immigration Programme Booklet

Europe 2025: Fresh Agendas for a new European Commission

Policy Cycle 2018/19 – Final Policy Booklet

The Missing Link between Civic Education and Populism: Restoring Civic Faith amongst Europe's Youth

Policy Cycle 2018/19 – Civic Education Programme Booklet

Falling Short: Review of the Common European Asylum System Reform Proposals

Policy Cycle 2018/19 – Immigration Programme Booklet

Reshaping European Democracy: Three Challenges, Three Opportunities

Policy Cycle 2018/19 – Democratic Participation Programme Booklet

The Entrepreneurialism 2020 Action Plan: Practical Steps for Renewal

Policy Cycle 2018/19 – Start-ups & Innovation Programme Booklet

UK Youth Perspectives and Priorities for Brexit Negotiations

Generation Brexit

Tackling Populism: Hope Over Fear

Policy Cycle 2016/17 – Final Policy Booklet

Redefining the Mission of the EU

Policy Cycle 2015/16 – Final Policy Booklet


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