Launched after the Brexit vote, our Aberdeen chapter, headquartered at the Aberdeen University, is dedicated to finding answers to the toughest questions about Brexit, with a particular focus on Scotland.


After a “Brexit talk” debate between Leave and Remain figures and students in January 2018, it held the first of our Pan-European Talking Europe roundtables last April, with some of its participants who traveled to London to participate in local roundtables in May 2018.


Currently, it is working on the organisation of a Conference that will enable students to have a say in the future of Scottish-EU relations and participate in policy-making.


From Edinburgh to Brussels: The Future of the Scottish-EU Relationship

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Where: New Kings, Old Aberdeen

Do you want to be part of shaping Scotland’s relationship to the EU? If there is one thing we have learnt from Brexit, it is that young people’s voices have not been heard. This conference is your chance to bring forward your ideas for the future of Scotland! Surrounded by top experts in the field, you will learn about the challenges facing Scotland in these turbulent times, but also about the possibilities to reshape its relationship to Europe, and the EU.

Keynote speaker: Professor Michael Keating, University of Aberdeen



Scotland Chapter

Nerea Heras

Head of Scotland Chapter

Scotland Chapter

Dariya Koleva


Scotland Chapter

Verena Zimmerman

Policy Officer

Scotland Chapter

Yannick Max

Communications Officer

Aneta Fortelková, Scotland Chapter

Aneta Fortelková


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