Madrid, Spain


The Spanish Chapter is based in Madrid and its aim is to provide a deeper understanding in the challenges the EU faces at this time, like Security and Defense Policy, common European foreign Relations, internal democratisation and the migration crisis. In order to improve political integration in the EU, our Spanish branch is responsible for organizing events related to the issues mentioned above and drafting policy proposals.


Due to being based in Spain, a key state in the South of Europe, the Spanish Chapter seeks to provide its first-hand point of view to the problems that directly affect this part of the EU, to find the most suitable solution to the EU as a whole.



Tasio Ayensa Sánchez

Head of Spain Chapter

Karim Emrani-Edrihen

Policy Officer

Sonsoles García Granda

Social Media Officer

Sergio Vallejo

Events & Communications Director

Pedro Pablo Román

Events Officer

Nicolás Palomo Hernández


Sofía Zambrano

Policy Officer

Beatríz Fernández Vicent

Policy Officer

Iván Tubío Sanles

Boletín 89 Editor

Enrique Fernández de Frutos

Institutional Relations Officer

David Rodas Martín

Boletín 89 Director

Pablo Cerezo Alpresa

Policy Officer

Grace Hunley

Quality Officer

Claudia Gallego Ariño

Boletín 89 Editor

Julia Prieto

Institutional Relations Officer

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