Talking Europe is on its Way: Travel in Europe and Shape its Future!

Have your say on the Future of Europe!

Are you based in Vienna, Paris, Budapest, Brussels, Athens, Berlin, London or Aberdeen?

You can travel for free to another European city and participate in two events to discuss major regional issues with experts, policy makers and other young Europeans! Scroll down to see the full list of events, topics and dates!

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Each event will be finalised to the writing of policy papers that will be presented  in late spring 2019!

What you can expect during a Talking Europe event

The events will include two roundtable sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each and a keynote speech open to the public. At the events there will be at least 3 experts, while the participants to the roundtable sessions will be about 12. The discussion will be facilitated by a trained moderator and will be finalised to create a policy paper – refined in 2 webinars after the event – that will be presented at the European Parliament on 16/10/2018. You will have the chance to network with different people, make new friends and have your voice heard on issues related to your region in the European space!

More about Talking Europe

The 1989 Generation Initiative has been granted funds to implement the project “Talking Europe” from the Open Society Foundations. The goal of the project is to open up the debate on the Future of Europe, to make it more inclusive and closer to the regional perspectives!

There will be 8 events finalised to the writing of a policy paper.

Participants will be also invited  to join an online repository of young thinkers where you can introduce yourself and your views, providing your perspective on current affairs in their local community and who these relate to the EU. This will allow you to stay in touch with the community and create synergies.

Events and Topics


TBC – Paris – “Reforming France; Reforming Europe”

More info and registrations will be soon available.

Two people from Berlin will receive a travel grant to participate!


23 October – Athens – “Refugee Policy”

All the information available here!

2 July – Brussels – “Juncker’s Five Scenarios and the Relaunch of the Eurozone”

All the information available here!

18 June – Vienna – “Austria’s regional role”

All the information available here!

Two people from Brussels will receive a travel grant to participate!

24 June – Berlin- “Euroscepticism in Europe”

All the information available here!

Two people from Paris will receive a travel grant to participate!

7 June – Budapest – “Civil Society in Central Europe”

More info and registrations available here.

22/05/2018 – London – “European Cooperation beyond Brexit”

More info available here

27/04/2018 – Aberdeen – “Brexit and Renewed Calls for Independence” (follow the link for more information about the event)

More info here:

For more information, please, write to Elena Turci, at!

We look forward to meet you!

PR Team

The Public Relations team of the 1989 Generation Initiative. Questions? Message us on Facebook or email us:

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